Tezos Pirates 666 generative pirates on H=N


  1. Buy DOUBLOONS. DOUBLOONS are limited to 666 in supply
  2. Burn the DOUBLOONS. You can use the burn function inside hic et nunc, or send the DOUBLOONS directly to tz1burnburnburnburnburnburnburjAYjjX
  3. Receive a TEZOS PIRATE. Your burn txn hash will be used as the seed to generate the PIRATE. If you burned more than one DOUBLOON, you’ll receive an equal number of PIRATES. Each PIRATE will be a 1/1

No forms / requests needed. I’ll see the burn txn and I’ll generate, mint and send you the PIRATE (or PIRATES) in the next few hours / days.


The first 10 people that find a CAPTAIN starting from May 16th, 2021 will also receive a #mysteryfish token from Sh!g. You can burn that token to get a #mysteryfish randomly generated and sent to your Tezos address.


The first 10 people to find a peg legged cat as their pirate's animal companion (starting from June 9th, 2021) will also receive a TICKEWT from Stefj! You can burn the TICKEWT to get a randomly generated #YOURCAtz minted and sent to your Tezos address.


This page has been made with lots of help from @marchingsquare and is powered by their amazing hicdex.


DOUBLOONS are available both on objkt.bid and hic et nunc for 6.66 .


WARNING: The generator is for previews only, it's not mobile friendly and sometimes it just bugs out.

Other NFT projects

I'm active in the hic et nunc community with different projects: apart from the TEZOSPIRATES, I have a super OG punk themed RPG going on, which use burn mechanics to get you unique upgrades to your character, hand edited by me.

Check out PUNK DOE here.