Tezos Pirates 666 generative pirates on Tezos

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- DOUBLOONS (OBJKT#50304) have been sold and remain to be used
- pirates generated, minted and sent so far to holders* where were CAPTAINS
- xtz is the total trade volume** where xtz is the average secondary market sale**

* not including pirates listed for sale / ** secondary market for pirates only, no doubloons, ships, treasures or materials

Pirates need sleep - and stress management - too! While you can burn doubloons and send materials whenever you see fit, I will usually batch mint pirates and send any due ships or other materials once per day. It's all manual, there's no automation. Thanks for your patience!

Show pirates that have: Secondary market status Sort:


is the price in $XTZ for the OBJKT, if it's on sale.

represents the various combinations probability. The lower this number, the rarer the Pirate!

is the edition number out of the max possible supply of 666 pirates.


WARNING: The generator is for previews only, it's not mobile friendly and sometimes it just bugs out.

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I'm active in the Tezos community with different projects: apart from the TEZOSPIRATES, I mint my own art and illustrations on various Tezos marketplaces. I also have a super OG punk themed RPG going on, which use burn mechanics to get you unique upgrades to your character, hand edited by me.